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About Us.

Creativesfestival is an annual initiative birthed for African creatives to showcase their creativity, network with each other and foster relationships with stakeholders in the industry.

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Creatives festival is looking to serve fashion designers, game designers, animators, interior designers, photographers and more for the festival

Creatives Festival.

Innovation Brought To LIfe

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Creatives Festival Will feature innovative and influential speakers. If you know someone who belongs on the stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you! Please use our speakers form. If you wish to suggest a speaker for the event, please fill in the contact form at the end of this page.


The Creative Conference is an exploration and celebration of the creative process across all creative industries. We feature keynote presentations by leading creatives who take you inside their creative process, show their work, and talk about their projects, problems, influences and inspirations.


You can volunteer at the CREATIVES FESTIVAL to be part of making it a success. Volunteering is a great way to network while getting a behind-the-scenes . Volunteering is also open to all conference attendees.

Brand Ambassador.

Do you believe in Africa's greatness? Do you trust that Africa is the center of creativity and innovation despite our unique challenges? Benefits: Opportunity to be recognised as a force in the African creativity and innovation space. To be part of the ideal to promote collaboration between African creatives. Opportunity to make friends with other African lovers of creativity and innovation. Get featured on all our social media platforms + website for a year.

Requirements: male/female of African origin to represent his/her country in the light of greatness in creativity and innovation. MUST be a lover of Africa and creativity and innovation. Creative and available to promote Creatives Festival on all your social media platforms on a weekly basis for a year. Access to mobile internet. Offer is valid while the opportunity is available. #CreativesFestival #Brandambassador. T&C apply

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At Creativesfestival, you will discover an effective medium for raising your profile in the industry and you will capitalise on the best opportunity to discuss business, share information and discover latest trends..


Build your brand. Increase awareness. Interview clients. Generate publicity.


Meet with key business partners. Build business profitability,form new business networks.


Launch new products. Survey attendees about new product ideas. Research competitor's products and messaging.


Advance new sales cycle. Enter untapped market Generate sales leads.


To ensure attendees get the full benefit of an intimate conference, we are only offering a limited number of Exhibitors. Register now!


Our events are unique in the creative world. Our goal is not to make money, but rather to support creativity and inspire innovation. We don’t make profits from our events, but instead, through creative collaboration. We divide the cost of hosting the best events in the industry among a select group of invited partners who think as we do. We are only able to be this generous with the support of a select group of partners who share our vision of the highest quality events, with the most elite audience coming for free.

Venture Capital For Africa
Pea Foundation Empowering The Mind
Integrated A2z Technologies
Jac-Jay Nigeria Limited

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We are always looking to be at the forefront of the industry with the highest quality content.

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Creatives continues to see creativity and innovation as a goldmine opportunity that is not fully tapped in africa. with the growing population of internet users and technological advances of africa, the creativity and innovation industry is in demand for more investments in creativity across the african continent.


Creatives conference is an opportunity which will discuss the current challenges in creativity management.

It will present latest creativity management channels and updates on the need for improvements.

it aims to provide a learning and networking avenue for the industry's major stakeholders including games designers, photographers, interior designers, product designers - to determine issues and help to improve the current procedures in bringing creativity and innovation to life in africa.


Great speakers with great topics. Seats are limited. Don't hesitate, register with us!
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